Thank you for logging on to my blog about my dreadful experience with the Syracuse Community Health Center and how they deliberately put my life in danger and have harmed me in many ways including sexual harassment, theft of prescription medications, attempted extortion, willful endangerment, neglect, and abandonment.  I started this blog to “blow the whistle” on the Syracuse Community Health Center, a public health facility funded by Federal taxpayer money and private donations in Syracuse, NY, that nobody at the Federal or State level wants to hold responsible for any wrongdoing.  I have suffered a tremendous amount of abuse and crimes at the Syracuse Community Health Center; and since it receives public funding, I feel it is my civic duty to you, the taxpayers, to know how this evil and corrupt health clinic truly operates so you can avoid going there and think twice before donating any money to them.   I know what you are about to read will seem incredible.  I have worked in the customer service industry for 35 years; so this is not the ranting of the average person on the street.

If you have donated money in the past to the Syracuse Community Health Center (SCHC), please stop!  Do not donate any more of your hard earned money to the SCHC.  At the end of this blog, I will tell you of a local free clinic that is far more worthy of your donations than the evil and corrupt SCHC.

I at first tried to sue the Syracuse Community Health Center in small claims court since I couldn’t afford a lawyer.  I also thought that a court order would convey the seriousness of my situation and that somebody at the Syracuse Community Health Center would want to reach out and talk to me so that a lawsuit would not be on their public record.  The CEO of the Syracuse Community Health Center, Dr. Ruben Cowart, instead chose to chicken out of the court appearance and invoke the Federal Torts Claim Act.  He also has not reached out  to me to try and solve the many problems I have had with his organization.  Since Dr. Ruben Cowart has invoked the Federal Torts Claim Act, he has opened himself and his employees to public scrutiny just like any other Federal official under the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

Here is my deposition that I turned in to the New York Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) who also refused to hold the Syracuse Community Health Center responsible for their crimes and abuse against me and as such has committed Obstruction of Justice.  Also, by not forwarding my deposition to the New York Department of Health who has jurisdiction over health facilities, the Office of Professional Medical Conduct committed Obstruction of Justice.  The words in bold are additional comments and updates since the deposition originated in 2013.

To:  NYS Department of Health OPMC

Re: Syracuse Community Health Center – Syracuse, NY

March 21, 2013

1.  This letter is formal compliant against the Syracuse Community Health Center (SCHC) and contains, the abuse, intimidation, abandonment, and neglect that I, Erick Kroll, as a patient have suffered during the last two years and continue to suffer according to the New York State Education Article B1-A Section 6530 Subsection 30 and 31 as pointed out to me by the ACLU.  The dishonesty and corruption I have personally witnessed occurring at the SCHC are extensive.

2.  I have a mild form of schizophrenia called schizotypal which was diagnosed in 1997 in South Carolina and have been on medication since then.  Through a program administered by Astra-Zeneca who is the manufacturer of my medication (Seroquel and its generic equivalent Quetiapine Fumarate) and through which I receive my medication at no charge due to my income level, my recovery has been enormously successful.  The SCHC, however, knowing full well that I need my medication in order to remain sane and alive, has more than once abandoned me and has more than once blocked access to my medication including two instances of theft of my medication – the first occurring about two years ago at the Walk-In Department of the SCHC and the second occurring at the East Fayette Street location of the SCHC on December 17, 2012.  The SCHC has claimed that these shipments to them have either been “lost” or is “missing” despite delivery confirmation from the United States Postal Service.  These two instances have also been reported to Astra-Zeneca who also has proof of delivery confirmation.

3.  Submission of complaint letter to Dr. Ruben Cowart dated January 23, 2012  [that] save for Dr. Cowart invoking the Federal Tort Claims Act was ignored by Dr. Cowart.  In addition to Paragraph 3 of Dr. Cowart’s letter, Astra-Zeneca tried repeatedly faxing and calling the Counseling and Adult Psychological Services (CAPS) Department of the SCHC about the miswritten prescription script (Exhibit B) – all of which was ignored by the SCHC, even though I had run of my Seroquel at the time.  It is evident that Dr. Bill C. Hines, who has a previous record in the OPMC that occurred in 1995, willfully miswrote the prescription.  Neither my name nor the drug prescribed could be read by Astra-Zeneca which caused a huge delay in the shipment of my Seroquel.  Neither Dr. Hines nor my therapist Eileen Essi addressed this problem until Dr. Hines returned from his “vacation”.  The body of the letter to Dr. Ruben Cowart is as follows: 

In the relatively short time that I have been a patient at your Center, I have experienced almost nothing but incompetence and disdain from your employees.  I have worked for just over thirty years in the customer-service industry, and I know mistakes are occasionally made and that most businesses will acknowledge and correct the same on the spot.  Your employees, on the other hand, not only made many mistakes in my care, they always come up with excuses not to correct the situation or even worse, absolutely refuse to correct the mistake.  To be fair, the Walk-In department has usually done a good job at addressing my needs. However, it did take nearly a year for the nurse supervisor to tell me where your CAPS [Center for Addictive and Psychologial Services] department is even after I told Walk-In several times that I am a mental-health patient and stopped going to St. Joseph’s due to my frustrations with them.  All the nurse supervisor had to do was escort me to CAPS.  Why did it take so long to do this simple task?  I could not do this myself since I did not know where in your facility you house your psychiatric department or what the name of it was.  After I finally was escorted to CAPS, I got to meet my therapist Eileen Essi.  She is a very nice lady and a competent professional.  Unfortunately, your psychiatrist, Dr. Bill Hines has proven himself to be not only incompetent, but I dare say has demonstrated a prejudicial attitude towards me.  At my first appointment, Dr. Hines couldn’t get me out of his office fast enough.  At my second appointment on November 19, 2011 scheduled for 9:00 AM, even though I was second in line, Dr. Hines made me wait until I was the very last patient in the waiting room which made me over twenty minutes late picking up my boss for work.  I got quite angry at Dr. Hines for this.  He wanted to “talk about this” after I just told him he made me late picking up my boss and I had to go right there and then, I did not have time to talk.  Dr. Hines then accused me of having an attitude problem and threatened to cut off my treatment.  If a psychiatrist cannot handle a patient when he is angry about something, this does not speak well of him.  Then Dr. Hines made a mistake in the writing of the script which caused a huge delay in getting my meds.  When my therapist finally found out the reason for the delay, I was given the excuse that, at the time, Dr. Hines was on vacation and nothing could be done until he returned.  You have plenty of other doctors there.  Surely one of them could have written a corrected script for me?  In addition, Dr. Hines has negatively impacted my therapy sessions because a lot of time has been taken up complaining about him to my therapist.  Due to my income level and the high cost of my medication, I get my meds free of charge straight from Astra-Zeneca.  Due to your Center’s prolonged and consistent failure to follow well-established and simple procedures, I have had to pay out-of -pocket several times over the past year for my meds which so far amount to $970.04 . Therefore, I demand that your Center reimburse me for these costs that I otherwise would not have had to pay, or I will have no other recourse than to seek relief through a lawsuit in small claims court.  Also, since I have had a lot of stress and anguish dealing with your employees, I also ask for an addition equal to the amount above times three for a total of $2,910.12 .   I have and can subpoena plenty of evidence to back up my claims.  However, since I do not have insurance, I have nowhere else to go for my health care and would prefer to settle this matter amicably, and to be able to receive my meds in peace without all the drama that has been associated with it.  Also, since I would like to continue to have Mrs. Essi as my therapist, I will settle for an even $2,000 payble by February 15, 2012.  I am also aware of an outstanding bill which your Center claims to have turned over to a collection agency.  I have yet to receive a phone call or letter from any agency, so I have to assume this claim is false.  If this matter goes to court, I will move to have this “bill” recinded since I have never received notice of such.  If your Center had done its job in the first place and applied my financial information in a timely matter, there would be no billing problem.  It took three attempts for your billing department to properly document my financial information.  Mrs. Essi had to go with me on the third attempt to make sure this was done properly.  She told me that a lot of the time, a Center employee has to go in with the patient to make sure that something is done.  This speaks volumes.  Dr. Cowart, the ball is now in your court.  I await your response. 

Below is a picture of Dr. Ruben Cowart:


Below is a picture of this script on which Dr. Hines deliberately wrote the word “Prick” instead of “Erick” which is not only sexual harassment, but hard physical evidence of sexual harassment that no one can deny.  Dr. Hines wrote this word in place of my name on an official New York State document which proves that the SCHC thinks it is immune to public scrutiny and that no one can or will hold them accountable.  This is the “mistake” in the above letter to Dr. Cowart.  The address shown on the prescription script below is that of the SCHC.  The second picture is a publicly accessible record of a previous disciplinary action against Dr. Hines for cocaine possession.  This goes to show that the SCHC is careless about the kind of people they hire putting patients at risk for possible further criminal acts.  UPDATE OCTOBER 24 2017:   A few days ago, I found out through a confidential source that Dr. Bill C. Hines is NOT a psychiatrist!  He is only a regular M.D. (Medical Doctor).  The SCHC definitely did not inform me of this.  This is very dishonest to say the least if not illegal.  While a regular M.D. is allowed to prescribe psychiatric medications, psychiatry is a highly specialized field of medicine.  Has Dr. Hines had extra training in the field of psychiatry?  I wish I knew.  But, knowing the callousness of the SCHC, I’d be willing to bet that he has not had any additional training in psychiatry.  Since the SCHC has access to Federal funding, they certainly have the money to hire an actual psychiatrist; and with a medical university at its back door – Upstate Medical University in Syracuse- the SCHC has no excuse not to have an actual psychiatrist on staff.  In addition, Dr. Hines only works at the SCHC on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  The SCHC, I suspect, most likely pays Dr. Hines on a full-time basis while he works only two days a week.  The need for mental health professionals continues to grow almost every day.  The very notion that Dr. Hines needs to only work two days a week is a grave disservice to the citizens of Syracuse and beyond.  Again, the SCHC has a regular M.D. posing as a psychiatrist!




UPDATE OCTOBER 24:  In addition to being arrested for Unlawful Possession of Cocaine, I found out a few days ago through my confidential source that Dr. Bill C. Hines is a former drug addict as well.  Maybe Dr. Hines was hooked on cocaine.  Would you, dear reader, be able to trust a doctor who is a former drug addict that has ready access to drugs?

4.  While the events were occurring in Paragraph 3 of this letter, I had to go back to the Walk-In Department of the SCHC.  Fortunately, Dr. Eddie Glenn took pity on me and wrote me a corrected script for my Seroquel .  Since I was completely out of the Seroquel, I had no choice but to take the script to a local Rite Aid and pay out-of-pocket (Exhibit C).    During that time last summer, and now currently, I had and am currently having to take half of the prescribed dosage due to the exorbitantly high price of the Seroquel while at the same time only making minimum wage.  This is why I was put on Astra-Zeneca’s prescription program to begin with.  Neither can I afford insurance, nor can I afford the Seroquel.  But I need this medication in order to survive!  Not taking this medication can very well result in my death!  Despite the simplicity of the paperwork of Astra-Zeneca’s program, the CAPS department of the SCHC has claimed that it is difficult to understand and that “they are not used to” programs like that.  This, I believe, is a lie because, by and large, people like me with mental illnesses have low incomes and cannot afford their medications.  The CAPS Department of the SCHC just simply decided to abandon me when I needed them the most instead of trying to understand Astra-Zeneca’s program; or to fill out the paperwork which only takes two minutes at the most; and also just because I had dared to complain about my treatment or lack thereof.

If you watch any television at all, you have seen many commercials produced by Astra-Zeneca that say toward the end “if you cannot afford your medication, Astra-Zeneca may be able to help”.  So this program is definitely not a secret by any means.  Those who say that Big Pharma is greedy don’t know what they are talking about.  The income requirements for this program are very generous.  If you, dear reader, are struggling to afford your medications, I encourage you to check out Astra-Zeneca’s prescription program.  A lot of other prescription drug companies have similar income-based programs for their products.

5.  Last summer, again, I had to take matters into my own hands.  I tried to go back – for the second time –  to the Walk-In Department of the SCHC.  I was told twice by a male nurse who is black, short, bald, and wears glasses that “the doctor has to be in the right mood in order to see patients”, thereby completely cutting me off from care even though they are familiar with my illness and the medication I need for the schizophrenia.

Again, this shows you the kind of people the SCHC hires.  As far as I know, this nurse was not reprimanded for his unprofessional attitude towards me and no apologies from the SCHC were ever offered for this or any of the abuses and crimes they committed against me.

6.  I then went to the Emergency Room of Crouse Hospital in Syracuse on June 8, 2012 where I was able to get an emergency script for the Seroquel.  Again, since I was completely out of the Seroquel, I had to go back to Rite Aid and pay out-of-pocket.  I remind the OPMC of the high cost of the Seroquel and that I am a minimum wage worker.  I also remind that same Office that I can only afford to take half the prescribed dosage (Exhibit C dates 06/08/12 to 07/03/12).  The pictures below show the many times I was forced to pay out-of-pocket for the Seroquel by the SCHC because the SCHC refused to do their job with the paperwork to keep me in Astra-Zeneca’s prescription drug program.  You can also see how expensive Seroquel is.  Imagine if you only earned minimum wage and had to fork out this kind of money for a drug you absolutely had to take.  I ended up losing everything including my home due to the callousness of the SCHC.









7.  By this time, I had had it.  One day that same summer, I paid a visit to the SCHC Administration and had it out with them.  They, once again, refused to deal with the problem and told me to talk to Buckley White who is the Administrator of the CAPS Department of the SCHC.  She absolutely refused to talk with me and had someone tell me to go to the Adult Medicine Department.  I was so angry by then, that I started screaming at a nurse supervisor about what happened with Dr. Hines and that it is dangerous for a schizophrenic to be without medication.  The nurse supervisor screamed back at me saying that it would be dangerous for me to be put back on the Seroquel since I had not seen Dr. Smith for over a year.  (Dr. Smith of the SCHC has absolutely nothing to do with my mental health.  He is an internist.)  Nearly a month after this effort by me to stay on the Seroquel and stay sane and alive, I was finally transferred to the East Fayette Street site of the SCHC in Syracuse.

Yet again, these are examples of the kind of people the SCHC employs.  They scream at you and ignore you in the hopes that you will simply give up and leave.  This seems to be the official policy of patient relations at the SCHC – ignore the patients and they will go away.  Buckley White certainly could have put an end to all this BS.  She is just as guilty as everyone else at the SCHC of gross incompetence and just simply not caring for the welfare of their patients.  UPDATE OCTOBER 24 2017:  A few days ago, I found out from my confidential source that Buckley White and Dr. Bill C. Hines go to the same church.  While I was delighted to hear they go to church, this fact when paired with everything else in this case, suggests that these two are cronies.  Even though Buckley White and Dr. Hines are friends, it is extremely unprofessional  for Ms. White to have Dr. Hines who is just a regular M.D. in the CAPS department of the SCHC instead of a bonafide psychiatrist.

8.  Miraculously, the physician at the East Fayette Street site, a Dr. Cheryl Clark (or Clarke), was familiar with programs like Astra-Zeneca’s and cheerfully filled out the paperwork and got me back on their program so that I did not have to keep bankrupting myself.  She soon left for another position (or so the SCHC claimed at the time), but her temporary replacement, a nurse practitioner Adam Thabet, also was happy to draw up a refill for my Seroquel.

These two physicians were about the only decent people the SCHC had at the time and they are both no longer there.  It seems as if the SCHC gets rid of the people who actually want to help patients. 

9.  In December of 2012, a lot of the same problems that I ran into mentioned in the foregoing started happening again.  The last shipment of Dr. Clark’s refill which was confirmed as delivered to the SCHC at East Fayette Street by the United States Postal Service on December 17, 2012 came up as “missing” as reported to me by a lady named “Petula” who is the office manager of the East Fayette Street SCHC.  I think that somebody there stole my Seroquel, as well as the shipment mailed two years ago to the Walk-In department.  Again, absolutely no effort was made by anybody of the SCHC to rectify the situation.  I, again, had to call Astra-Zeneca to have a replacement prescription mailed to the East Fayette Street SCHC.  At the time, I gave everybody at the East Fayette Street SCHC a very clear and stern warning that I would immediately call the police if they did not hand over the replacement Seroquel after it was delivered.  The replacement Seroquel was handed to me, but I did have to go there in person and ask if they had indeed received the Seroquel.  Since Seroquel is a life-sustaining drug, the SCHC really should have called me as soon as it arrived.

Again, absolutely no apologies from the SCHC.  The police refused to get involved.  What happened to that shipment of Seroquel, you may ask?  Since the SCHC refused to say what happened, and judging from the kind of people the SCHC employs, I am assuming that someone at the SCHC stole it.  My case worker in South Carolina where I’m originally from told me to guard my medication carefully because Seroquel is very highly valued on the streets.  Is the SCHC involved with illegal trafficking of drugs?  Well, dear reader, I’ll let you be the judge of that.

10.  When it came time for my Seroquel to be refilled, Lorna Forbes, a nurse practitioner at the East Fayette Street SCHC, filled out the paperwork incorrectly.  Even though this form clearly states in bold print “If your state requires only specific prescription blanks (i.e. serialized) to be utilized, please submit on your respective state prescription blank.”  Ms. Forbes instead filled out the generic prescription blank on the form itself.  Now we all know that New York State requires state approved prescription blanks.  Was this a deliberate attempt to block me from my medication similar to Dr. Hines’ attempt to do the same in 2012?  Astra-Zeneca, of course, could not process the refill request (Exhibit E).  Also, true to form, absolutely no one at all of the SCHC has offered to rectify the situation despite complaints of this incident and again, I was abandoned.

As you can see in these pictures, the form clearly states in bold print what procedure is required for states like New York that use official prescription scripts.  And yet again, no apology from the SCHC.

11.  On February 25, 2013 (Exhibit F), I again had to go back to the emergency room of Crouse Hospital in Syracuse to get an emergency script written.  Again, since I was completely out of my Seroquel, I had to go back to Rite Aid and pay out-of-pocket.  I remind the OPMC (Office of Professional Medical Conduct) of the exorbitant cost of Seroquel and that since I am a minimum wage worker, I can only afford to take half the prescribed dosage.  Even with half doses of Seroquel, I am struggling to pay rent, groceries, electric, and heat.  My landlord is aware of this situation and has been sympathetic in this regard.  (Because of this ordeal the SCHC has put me through, I did eventually lose my home and very nearly became homeless had it not been for the help of friends.)  Otherwise, I would be living on the street.  I do not know why the SCHC has taken these retaliatory action against me.  I have certainly done nothing to deserve all this.  The SCHC has been after me repeatedly to pay my bill.  Aside from the errors committed by the billing department of the SCHC mentioned in the letter to Dr. Cowart, how does the SCHC expect me to pay them anything when all of my disposable income and more has to be used to pay for my Seroquel during the times that I have been abandoned and harassed by the same people numerous times?  They certainly do not deserve to be paid.  In fact, it is the SCHC who owes me for all the Seroquel that I believe was stolen by someone at their facilities.

Here are pictures of the paperwork I have of that Emergency Room visit that I was forced to endure because of the refusal of the SCHC to do its job.  Included are two pictures of the bill that the SCHC has been trying to extort from me.  I say extort because my income level at the time qualified for SCHC’s lowest fee which was $25.00 at that time.  Even after three attempts to submit my income information, the SCHC failed to bill me the correct amount.  At $25.00 per visit, I would have had to have an appointment once a week for almost a year to rack up the amount of $847.36  which I most certainly have not done and the SCHC knows this.  I reported the SCHC to the FBI for attempted extortion, but got no response.  I think that since the SCHC knows that I am white, I should not be allowed to qualify for their lowest fee.  The SCHC is a Federal agency, so my belief that politics have played at least some role in all this is not a far stretch of the imagination.  Ron is my first name.  I have gone by my middle name Erick for many years among my friends and close aquaintances.


12.  Also in early December 2012, Dr. Victor Petrovis, who is Dr. Clark’s permanent replacement who is from Eastern Europe, and who can barely speak or understand English, completely misdiagnosed what turned out to be a severe throat infection.  Dr. Petrovis dismissed the infection as a “virus” even though he saw how inflamed my throat was.  This so called “virus” caused coughing so bad, it was physically knocking me down.  It also caused a fever that skyrocketed to 102.1 degrees and beyond 24 hours after I was examined despite lots of aspirin.  I also during this time had to sleep sitting up so that the coughing would not keep me up all night.  I completely lost my voice during that time so much that I could not ask for help.  I am in two choirs at my church, and even now four months later, my singing voice has not yet returned.  I fear that I may have at the very least temporary long-term damage to my voice due to the misdiagnosed throat infection.  I will not be able to sing again without immediate help.  Dr. Petrovis’ incompetence is further demonstrated by his writing prescriptions for drugs that do not exist.  The first one was for Dextromethorphan – which is an over -the-counter cough medicine – in tablet form.  A pharmacist at Rite Aid told me that this particular medication no longer exists in tablet form and to go back to Dr. Petrovis for clarification.  Dr. Petrovis wrote a different prescription for Delsym 60mg which according to Rite Aid does not exist either.  The pharmacist was almost at a lost for words that a doctor would write a script twice for a drug that does not exist.  The pharmacist told me that the best advice he could give me was to try one of their over-the-counter cough remedies.  After some research, I discovered that Dextromethorphan is only good for relieving a minor cough and not for an actual infection.  [Also, I discovered Dextromethorphan was changed from a prescribed drug to an over-the-counter drug way back in the 1970’s.]  I remind the OPMC that Dr. Petrovis cannot seem to speak or understand English well enough in order to perform his duties as a physician.  His English is so broken, I do not know how he was able to obtain a physician’s license in New York State.  Secondly, why would the SCHC hire a doctor from outside the United States who has not yet learned English?

Here is a picture of that script.  We all know, I’m sure, that Delsym (Dextromethorphan) is an over-the-counter cough syrup that does not require a prescription script to buy.  Does Delsym still require a presctiption in Dr. Petrovis’ home country?  Maybe.  I don’t think he meant to cause this trouble, but he still should have consulted the Physician’s Desk Reference if there was a problem with the prescription; and there was definitely was a problem.  And again, no apologies from the SCHC.  



13.  The Astra-Zeneca Patient Assistance Program Express Scripts Specialty Distribution Services, Inc. at P.O. Box 66551 St. Louis, MO 63166-6551 of which I have been a patient since at least 2004, has records of my Seroquel prescriptions and reports of the medication shipments that were either “lost” or “missing” by the SCHC.  I, Erick Kroll, hereby give my legal and full written consent to the NYS Department of Health OPMC to attain these records from Astra-Zeneca and from the SCHC if these are deemed necessary by that same Office to conduct an investigation into the foregoing and/or for a formal hearing.  Furthermore, if that same Office finds that a crime or crimes have been committed against me, I, Erick Kroll, hereby give my legal and full written consent to the appropriate authorities to attain records from Astra-Zeneca and the SCHC as needed in order for those same authorities to be able to perform their duties.

The New York Office of Professional Conduct (OPMC) didn’t bother to investigate any of this.  They are required by law to alert other state agencies, most especially the New York Department of Health, if they find that crimes and other wrongdoings have been committed against the patient that the OMPC is not authorized to handle.  Therefore, again, the OMPC through its failure to alert the appropriate authorities has committed Obstruction of Justice and Denial of Due Process.

14.  Lastly, as evidenced in an interview published by a local Syracuse magazine 55Plus , Dr. Cowart who is the CEO of the SCHC says that “Ever since I left college, I’ve been able to get by on three or three and a half hours of sleep at night.  I still have that automatic alarm clock in my head.”  It is to my best knowledge that a lack of sleep is a precursor to mental-illness.  There are therapies available to overcome an inability to sleep.  Why has Dr. Cowart not taken advantage of this?  Due to his lack of sleep going back decades, is Dr. Cowart mentally competent enough to run his medical clinics within the law?  Is Dr. Cowart mentally competent enough to handle problems like this within his medical clinics?  The evidence in the foregoing would suggest not.

Here is a picture of Dr. Cowart’s quote in that issue of 55Plus.  It says elsewhere in this same article that Dr. Cowart’s lack of sleep goes back to college when he started to stay up late to study.  Dr. Cowart is about 73 years old, and assuming he was around 20 years old in college, that is a tremendous amount of sleep he has lost.  If we do the math:  53 years times 365 days per year times 4 hours per night ( the average time for a good night’s sleep is 7 hours or so) comes out to around 77,380 hours of sleep that Dr. Cowart has lost and will never get back.  Does Dr. Cowart honestly expect us to believe that he can perform as a normal human being when he has lost 77,380 hours of sleep?  The human body was not made to function on only “three to three and a half hours” of sleep.  Apparently Dr. Cowart doesn’t know that he can simply buy a sleep aid over-the-counter or go to a doctor to help with his sleep disorder.  This is not a lack of sleep from a newborn baby crying in the middle of the night for a 2:00 AM diaper change or feeding that only lasts for a few months.  This is a lack of sleep going back DECADES.  It’s no wonder that the SCHC has completely fallen apart.  And since Dr. Cowart is this careless about his own health and wellbeing, how can we, the public, expect him to care about the health and wellbeing of the patients at his clinics?  I have also found out that a lack of sleep also plays havoc on a person’s sexual health and sexual performance – most especially the sexual performance of males –  and has been linked to erectile dysfunction.  A lack of sleep allows the stress hormone cortisol to increase which at the same time decreases that all important testosterone we men need to be men.



15.  If I am asked to testify in this matter, I respectfully request the OPMC that I do so in person since I only have a cell phone and no landline.  I also am not afraid to face the people of the SCHC even though they have willfully endangered my life multiple times.

16.  In conclusion, I want to be able to receive and take my medication in peace without the drama and hassle that the SCHC has put me through these last two years.  I am currently without a doctor and in dire need of one that would be willing to do his or her job and to put me back on Astra-Zeneca’s medication assistance program.

The SCHC did hire for a very brief time a Patient Advocate, a Ms. DeChristina, who was successful in making sure I had access to my medication, but failed to address the many other issues in this blog.  The SCHC did not reach out to me.  I had to reach out to the Patient Advocate.  I believe the SCHC got rid of this Patient Advocate because she was trying to help me – she was only employed for a few months and no replacement was hired.  Again, the SCHC only keeps employees that create chaos and ignore patients.

17.  I hereby declare under penalty of perjury without prejudice or delusions, that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

So far, I have not been brought up on perjury charges.  I would think that if any of this is a lie that I would have had charges of perjury brought against me by now.  I would not have taken weeks to put this blog together if any of this was a lie.  Would it make sense to you, dear reader, that anyone who wanted to circulate a lie would put this much effort into it?


Erick R. Kroll   Patient of the Syracuse Community Health Center

In conclusion, in the name of the Federal Government, the Syracuse Community Health Center in Syracuse NY has blatantly committed sexual harassment, willful endangerment, willful abandonment, two thefts of a controlled substance (prescription drugs) among a host of other wrongdoings that no one in authority at the local level is willing to hold the SCHC accountable.   If you have donated money in the past to the SCHC, please stop.  Instead, please make a donation to the Porvello Health Clinic at Assumption Catholic Church located on N. Salina St. in Syracuse, NY.  Someone at Hope Connections (another Catholic non-profit in Syracuse) referred me to the Porvello Clinic.  If not for that, I very well might not be alive today.  The Porvello is staffed by volunteer physicians and volunteer Sisters and laity who actually want to help the underprivileged in Syracuse.  They have absolutely saved my life.  If you want your donation dollars to be spent wisely, please consider making a donation to the Porvello Clinic and NOT to the Syracuse Community Health Center.  UPDATE 08/14/17:  I recently found out about another not-for-profit health clinic here in Syracuse NY.  It is the Amaus Medical Services at Immaculate Conception Catholic Cathedral in downtown Syracuse also run by volunteers who, unlike the Syracuse Community Health Center, want to help the underprivileged.  Please consider making a donation to Amaus as well.

UPDATE November 28 2017:  I just found out today that Dr. Ruben Cowart is no longer the CEO of the Syracuse Community Health Center.  Maybe my humble little website is making an impact.  This is a major victory for the people of Syracuse, NY!  However, Dr. Cowart has been at the SCHC for a very long time and I would be willing to bet that he had one of his cronies installed to take his place.  Remember, dear reader, these are Federal bureaucrats we’re talking about, and they always look out for each other.  (I didn’t get the name of the new CEO or director of the Syracuse Community Health Center, but I will find out for you, dear reader.)  A few months ago, I wrote a letter to President Trump telling him about the Syracuse Community Health Center and asked him to refer this matter to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, and to draft an executive order that will cut off all Federal funding for the SCHC.  Apparently, Dr. Cowart has finally retired or has been forced out by the Federal government.  Either way,  good riddance.  One of my medical providers has been trying for the last five months to get my records transferred from the SCHC.  The SCHC came up with the excuse that my records have not been electronically transcribed yet and that no release form was sent.  A likely story if you ask me.  The Director of Medical Records at the SCHC by the name of Tanya promised she would take care of my records personally and have them transferred.  Well, dear reader, we’ll see if this promise truly pans out.

UPDATE 6/7/18:  I’ve been keeping tabs on the SCHC.  They now have a whole new board of directors.  Another victory for the people of Syracuse!  The SCHC website now claims that it is a “patient-centered home”.  Yeah, right.  Don’t believe it folks.  The SCHC has been lying to people for so long, they wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them on the nose.  Furthermore, it also says that a lot of their employees were fired recently due to a security breach, but the SCHC claims that they didn’t try to steal patient’s identities nor their financial information such as Social Security Numbers.  How dumb does the SCHC think the public is?  Of course those employees were trying to steal patient’s identities!!!  You’ve read my website (or at least I hope you did), so you have a good idea of the kind of people the SCHC employs.  Again, dear readers, take your healthcare business anywhere else than the Syracuse Community Health Center.